What is pumptrack?


Pumptrack is a loop-shaped track designed primarily for cyclists, although it is also used by inline skaters, boarders and scooter riders. The track is made up of hills and sloping bends that allow cycling without pedalling - a so-called "pumping" system. The cyclist gains speed by balancing their own body weight - in simplest terms, they try to transfer their body weight to the front of the bike when going down a hill and to the back of the bike when entering a mogul.
Riding on a pumptrack is a great workout for motor coordination and the sense of balance. It is worth remembering that a cycle track of this type must comply with the EN 14974 standard.

What is the technology of pumptrack construction and why do we recommend the modular system for cycle tracks?

The running element of modular pumptracks is made of durable composite, coated with TechGrip grip layer. The composite provides comfort for users and guarantees their safety. The structure is made of waterproof, double-laminated plywood, which ensures the durability and resistance of the object. The pumptrack is composed of bands and momentum pumps - specially connected modules that allow the track to be extended with additional elements. Thanks to this, the construction of a pumptrack can take place in stages and the costs associated with its purchase are spread over several years. In addition, the modular system of a pumptrack allows to obtain many shapes and sizes of the whole track, which increases its attractiveness and usability. A cycle track made with the discussed technology gains mobility. This means that it is possible to move it to another, arbitrarily selected place. Pumptrack works excellently as an attraction for inhabitants during festivities, parties and events. Moreover, the organisation of workshops on this type of facility encourages everyone to get active.


In which location can a composite pumptrack be installed?

Pumptrack can be installed anywhere on a paved surface. However, the slope of the terrain must not exceed 1%. The optimum substrate for the installation of this type of facility is an asphalt or concrete surface or a levelled aggregate layer.

Why a modular pumptrack?

- A modular pumptrack can be extended at any time with new elements to increase its attractiveness. The bigger the pumptrack, the more fun for users
and observers,
- Modular pumptrack is weatherproof and comes with a 5-year warranty,
- Modular pumptrack is mobile. This means that it can be moved at any time and used as a sports attraction at a festival or event.

What are the North Shore footbridges?

North Shore footbridges are wooden or steel elements used to increase the technical difficulty of cycle routes. These elements can be placed on woodland paths or flat surfaces. North Shore footbridges are great for teaching coordination and developing bike control skills. In addition, they can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination to create interesting cycle rides.

Why pumptrack.eu?

Pumptrack.eu is part of the Techramps Group, which has been involved in the construction of sports facilities for 20 years. During this time, we have commissioned more than 1,000 sports infrastructure facilities such as pumptracks, skateparks, flowparks, wakeparks, wave parks or snow parks. Pumptrack.eu is a brand which was created in response to the growing interest in bicycle tracks, modular pumptrack playgrounds.










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