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Pumptrack is a track with specially formed undulating surface and cambered corners. It comprises from one loop (sometimes with additional loops which can increase riding possibilities). Pumptracks can be used as a place for recreational ride and as well as for professional trainings for more advanced users for instance contestants from bmx racing (olimpic discipline).

Modular Pumptrack


Pumptrack can be used as a track for recreational ride, but also for professional trainings, for more advanced users, for instance contestants from bmx racing (olimpic discipline).



modular pumptrack

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North Shores are wooden or steel bridges that can be used to increase the technical difficulty of routes. Most items are set for forest routes but also this bridges fit very well to flat surfaces to learn control of the bike.

Cycling track and skatepark - activity zone


The activity zone-skatepark, cycling track, pumptrack, parkour park



Composite pumptracks






Pumptrack.eu - modular pumptracks producer

Pumptrack.eu is part of the Techramps Group, which has been involved in the construction of sports facilities for 20 years. During this time, we have commissioned more than 1,000 sports infrastructure facilities such as pumptracks, skateparks, flowparks, wakeparks, wave parks or snow parks. Pumptrack.eu is a brand which was created in response to the growing interest in bicycle tracks, modular pumptrack playgrounds.

What is a modular (mobile, composite) pumptrack? A mobile pumptrack is a closed-loop track consisting of numerous turns, valleys and bumps called moguls. It was designed to improve cycling. Nowadays, it is also becoming increasingly popular with people who ride skateboards, rollerblades and scooters.

Why composite pumptrack? Unlike dirt or asphalt pumptracks, modular pumptracks are mobile, so it is possible not only to move them, but also to extend them or change their shape.Composite pumptrack is a meeting place for people of different ages, practising different sports. Thanks to its design it is safe for users, it can be used by children, teenagers and adults. Pumptrack is often located in the vicinity of other sports facilities, such as a skatepark or flowpark. In this way, a complex of modern sports facilities is created.
At Pumptrack.eu we operate comprehensively, we deal with both the design and construction of pumptracks. We also offer advice at every stage of investment, from the design to the installation of finished modules.For several years of our activity, we have created dozens of pumptrack facilities. Our projects are located both in Poland and abroad. We are constantly improving and creating new solutions.

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