Pumptrack modular


Pumptrack is a track with specially formed undulating surface and cambered corners. It comprises from one loop (sometimes with additional loops which can increase riding possibilities). Pumptracks can be used as a place for recreational ride and as well as for professional trainings for more advanced users for instance contestants from bmx racing (olimpic discipline).

Modular Pumptrack


Pumptrack can be used as a track for recreational ride, but also for professional trainings, for more advanced users, for instance contestants from bmx racing (olimpic discipline).



modular pumptrack

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North Shores are wooden or steel bridges that can be used to increase the technical difficulty of routes. Most items are set for forest routes but also this bridges fit very well to flat surfaces to learn control of the bike.

Cycling track and skatepark - activity zone


The activity zone-skatepark, cycling track, pumptrack, parkour park

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Under the Pumptrack.eu brand from a few years we project and build composite tracks. Pumptracks are the yearly objects, adapted for fun and learning to ride bikes, skates, skateboards and scooters. Our aim is making places to spending free time for kids,
youths and adults. Together with local governments units we work on shaping pro-health attitudes among citizens. Moreover object as pumptrack is a place of meetings, aims realization, fulfilling passion, trainings. Our tracks building in a direct neighbourhood
of skatepark, streetworkout park or wavepark are making the complex of XXI Century sport facilities.

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