What is pumptrack? 


Pumptracks or biking playgrounds operate by all age groups. Suitable for children, adolescents and adults have become a great alternative to active spending of free time. Tracks of a specially shaped surface composite with their curves are used to riding a bike, a scooter, a roller and a skateboard. Riding on a pumptrack is a great way to train balance. Keep in mind that the bicycle track of this type must be compatible with the standard PN-EN 14974.


What is the technology of pumptracka and why we recommend a modular system for the track cycling? 


Rideable elements of modular pumptracks are made of durable composite, coated with adhesive TechGrip. Composite provides comfort for the users and guarantees for their safety. The design creates a waterproof plywood, laminated, which provides durability and resistance. Pumptrack is made with the band and the accelerating push ups - specially linked modules which enable to expand the track by additional elements. Thanks to this construction of the pumptrack can be carried out in stages, and the costs associated with its purchase can be spread over several years. in addition, the pumptrack's modular system allows to obtain multiple shapes and sizes all over the track, which increases its attractiveness and usability. Track made in this technology becomes more mobile. It means that there is a possibility of moving it to another location. Pumptrack works great as an attraction for the residents during festivals, parties and events. What's more, the organization of workshops for this type of facility encourages everyone for active rest.


In what locations composite pumptrack can be mounted? 


Pumptrack can be mounted anywhere on a pave surface. However, inclination of the ground has to be less than 3%. The optimum substrate under this type of installation is asphalt, concrete or smooth aggregate layer. 


Why modular pumptrack?


-modular pumptrack can be expanded at any time with new elements, which will increase its appeal. The larger the pumptrack is the more fun it brings for its users and observers

-modular pumptrack is weather resistant and has a 5-year warranty

-modular pumptrack is mobile. This means that at any time it can be transferred and be used as an attraction on afestival or an event in any other location.


What are the North Shore bridges?


North Shore bridges are a wooden or steel elements which increase a technical difficulty of cycling routes. These elements can be set on the forest paths or on flat surfaces. North Shore bridges are great for learning the coordination and development of riding skills. They can be a stand-alone devices or in conjunction with one another to create interesting bike rides.


Why pumptrack.eu?


Pumptrack.eu is a brand of Techramps group  – company which has been constructing sport facilities since 2003. By 13 years of activity we have done and we have designed more than 400 skate parks, pumptracks, wake parks and snow parks. We employ the best professionals in the design industry and construction linking casual passion with experience.

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